How and what to pack for your safari

The list below is supplied as a general guide on what to take on your safari. Where possible luggage should be kept to a minimum due to the weight / space restrictions of 15kg total weight allowance per person (including carry-on bags) on light aircrafts, but we are able to store excess baggage at our head office in Nairobi (ask our Sales Team for more information).
What & how to pack:
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Answers to the most commonly asked questions

With such a bewildering array of information about safaris on websites, brochures and in the media, it can be quite difficult to find answers to what you would like to know.

Explorer, adventurer, entrepreneur, Ridgeway takes the reader on an incredible journey.

On foot for a month, from the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, through the plains of Tsavo, to the sea, he offers a rare ground’s-eye view of east Africa as it is today, and how it once was before the incursion of European civilization.


Award-winning Rhino in the Room, and the sequel, Queen of the Rhino, are told from the perspective of seventeen-year-old fashionista, Claire. In Rhino in the Room, when Claire and her father are pulled into the crosshairs of rhino poachers, their precarious situation requires Claire and her dad to overcome their broken relationship to save themselves and the last two black rhinos from extinction.

Claire’s story continues with a non-stop rollercoaster ride of emotions surrounding the rhino poaching crisis in Africa in the sequel, Queen of the Rhino. Inspired by her safari experiences in Gamewatcher’s Porini Rhino, Mara and Lion Camps and her magical encounter with the last two northern white rhinos at Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Hedgecock transports readers to Kenya in all its beauty and intrigue.

Do yourself a favor and buy these books!!


The famous autobiography of a childhood spent in Kenya. Huxley, also known for her novels and mysteries, comes to the African bush at the age of six. This is her eloquent and lively story, infused with a child’s sensitivity and honesty.

A wonderful glimpse of life in Kenya on the eve of World War I.


This is a very personal story, a woman’s journey of love, loss and rebirth, based on a ranch in Kenya, on the edge of the Rift Valley. Gallmann fulfilled her dream by moving to Africa at 25 with her soon-to-be husband, where they established a 90,000 acre ranch.

The book is a beautifully written and at times haunting memoir of what it is like to belong to the land and truly love Africa.


At the age of four, Beryl Markham was taken by her father to Kenya. She later became a bush pilot, and in 1936, became the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic from east to west. In this stylish book, Markham describes her life in Kenya so adeptly that Hemingway was prompted to say, “She has written so well, and marvelously well, that I was completely ashamed of myself as a writer.”


An African classic. Matthiessen exquisitely combines nature and travel writing to bring East Africa vividly to life. He magically portrays the sights, scenes, and people he observed firsthand in several trips over the course of 12 years.


The saga of the turbulent international race for the mastery and development of an immense region of East Africa that all but visionaries thought worthless.

It is the narrative of the building of the Mombasa-Nairobi-Lake Victoria Railway itself – a colossal six-year enterprise that was to cost over $7 million and countless lives, from derailments, collisions, disease, tribal raids and the assaults of wild animals.

It is a diorama of an earlier Africa, of slave and ivory empires, of sultans and tribal monarchs and the vast lands that they ruled. Above all, it is the story of the white intruders whose combination of avarice, honour and tenacious courage made them a breed apart.

Sir David Attenborough
Sir David stayed at Porini Amboseli Camp in Selenkay Conservancy.

“What a marvellous example of how people and wildlife can live alongside one another. Thank you all.”

Jim Coda, June 2022
Mara Camp, Lion Camp

“For any serious wildlife photographer, I don’t think you can do better in Kenya or Tanzania than the Porini Mara and Lion Camps for the big cats.”

Conservation & Responsible Tourism

Protecting Habitats for Biodiversity

Porini Camps has been spearheading Community based Wildlife Conservation for the past 25 years in Kenya. We run a range of conservation activities promoting community development and biodiversity in the areas we operate in, the latest being our biodiversity credit program in cooperation with Harvard University, MA, USA.