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An award-winning model of how people and wildlife can thrive together


Porini Camps & Cottages

The Home of Wildlife & Biodiversity Protection in Conservancies

At the centre of the Porini experience
is the successful rehabilitation of wildlife habitat
through long-term win/win partnerships with Maasai landowner communities.

Our private conservancy model

Serves You, Serves Nature

The low impact formula we deploy in all our conservancies secures an unparalleled 700 acres of untouched wilderness per tent and a maximum of 6-10 tents per camp.
Sheer exclusivity, all the way!

Safari exclusivity redefined:

700 acres of pristine wilderness per guest tent

Porini Camps & Cottages are situated inside private conservancies and protected wildlife areas. They consist of small eco-friendly camps that accommodate about 20 guests in 6-10 spacious rooms in beautiful natural settings.

Porini guests benefit from an authentic safari experience on exclusive game-filled land, away from the crowds of tourists. Guests may enjoy escorted walks with Maasai warriors and can search for nocturnal species on exhilarating night game drives.

Our Locations

The quintessence of Kenya’s biodiversity
under one roof & conservation focus

Kenya has an incredible diversity of wildlife habitats.
Our camps are all situated in conservancies and key protected areas
across the most exciting ecosystems the country has to offer,
allowing for the utmost authenticity of your wildlife encounters.

Maasai Mara

One of Africa’s most celebrated safari destinations and home to a 1/4 of Kenya’s exceptional wildlife


Elephants crowned by Mt. Kilimanjaro. All the ingredients for a classic safari, Hemingway style


Where traditional ranches and rolling farmland blend in well with the highest rhino concentration in the world


Boundless wildlife territory nourished by 13 iconic rivers: undiscovered frontier of biodiversity bliss

Nairobi National Park

Get ‘under canvas’ in less than 30 minutes of leaving Nairobi’s international airport!

Our Camps & Cottages

Designed for the true wildlife

Get that bit closer to nature in our small, comfortable, eco-friendly camps,
situated within the most exhilarating private wildlife conservancies and protected areas
the country has to offer.
Lions feel comfortable playing just a stone’s throw from camp (Porini Lion Camp/ Maasai Mara)

Small, authentic, gold eco-rated:

Our guests’ favorite reasons for staying with us

1. Exceptional wildlife-viewing in private conservancies and protected wildlife areas across the country

Our conservancies are brimming with wildlife year-round. The truly wild animals freely wander in to our reserves, attracted by the tranquil, protected habitat, away from the crowds of tourists and minivans in other areas.

2. Porini Safari listed in Kenya’s Top 15 Experiences

The Kenya Tourist Board recently pronounced one of our Porini Safaris – the “Paka Kubwa Safari” – as one of the 15 best signature experiences in Kenya.
Paka Kubwa means “Big Cat” in Swahili and this eight day tour offers an excellent chance of seeing the big cats – and much more – by combining Nairobi National Park, Selenkay Conservancy, Amboseli National Park, Ol Pejeta Conservancy and the Maasai Mara National Reserve & Conservancies.

3. Your Visit Will Contribute to Sustainable Wildlife & Biodiversity Conservation

As a pioneer of conservation through community partnerships, we are committed to helping preserve East Africa’s unique wildlife and natural landscapes in close co-operation with local communities.
We believe that the best way to do this is to partner with communities to establish wildlife conservancies. Like this, local communities directly benefit from the expansion of protected wildlife areas while our guests can enjoy a rewarding wildlife watching experience.

4. Guided Wildlife Experiences with Maasai Warriors

Who better to guide you on your African safari than the Maasai people, whose presence has helped shape Kenya’s history for centuries?
Some of our safari guides and spotters descend from generations of Maasai warriors who have made their home on East Africa’s savannah plains near the most important game reserves in Africa. Walk with them through the vast conservancies and learn the secrets of the savannah without crowds of visitors and noisy vehicles interrupting your journey.

5. Family Tents now available at 4 Porini Camps – ideal for families and groups alike

The Family Tents are comprised of two Twin / Double Tents each having its own separate bathroom, with an additional lounge area between them, giving a large private space which is ideal for any family or group travelling together. They are simply priced as two tents, but have the advantage of the extra space.

6. Over the past 30 years, Porini Camps have been awarded countless times for our success in conservation and hospitality standards

Year after year, Porini Camps continue to impress, nationally and internationally not only with its high hospitality standards but most of all with the success of its ground-breaking community based wildlife conservation projects.

Porini Activities

Enjoy the freedom to engage,
every step of the way!

Kenya has an incredible diversity of wildlife habitats. Our camps are all situated in conservancies and key protected areas across the most exciting ecosystems the country has to offer, allowing for the utmost authenticity of your wildlife encounters.
Game Drives

Adventure the wild in the comfort of a 4×4 open safari vehicle which accommodates 4 to 6 people.

Bird’s-Eye Perspective

Hot Air Balloon rides are exhilarating in any setting. A hot air balloon safari over Maasai Mara National Reserve, though, is a once in a lifetime experience!

Engage with new Cultures

Get an insight into the fascinating Maasai culture and way of life.


Swim on the fringe of  an indigenous forest at our Rhino River Camp.


Take breathless images of the teeming wildlife

Walk with Warriors

Tread across the vast savannah plains accompanied by an authentic Maasai warrior, with tribal knowledge that spans over centuries.

Safari Happy Hour

As you round off your Afternoon adventure, your game drive will be spiced with drinks and biting’s from a scenic location

Close Encounters

Our camps are all located on prime wildlife reserves and protected areas, strictly dedicated to conservation. Close encounters away from the crowds are the rule of the day!


We are family oriented in everything we do: our generous family tents and the many fun activities on the menu guarantee a great safari for all generations


Ol Pejeta, in Laikipia, offer a myriad of activities such as lion tracking and an outing with the the dog unit that bring a hands-on insight to the forefront of conservation research and development

Authentic Encounters

Porini was founded over thirty years ago on the basis of cultural bonding and togetherness with the Maasai. The Maasai tradition in all it's authenticity can be experienced nowhere like in and around Porini camps.

Rare Encounters

At Ol Pejeta you will get upclose to some of the rarest animals in Kenya and the world over


Experience Kenya’s finest while staying at the award winning Porini Camps

With camps in all key ecosystems of Kenya’s extraordinary diversity, you can be assured of the best wildlife viewing experience in exclusive wildlife conservancies away from the crowds – all under one roof and with the same conservation focus.
Porini Equator Safari
Maasai Mara Big Cat Safari
Porini Maasai Safari
Savannah Safari


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