African Wild Dogs seen from Porini Amboseli Camp

A rare sighting in Selenkay Conservancy!  Guests from Porini Amboseli Camp were treated to a viewing of African Wild Dogs yesterday whilst returning to the conservancy from a game drive in Amboseli National Park.

Safari guide Daniel Sayialel identified them as two male and one female and they were seen relaxing in the shade after killing an impala. They did not seem to be shy of the presence of the vehicle.

Also known as African Hunting Dogs, African Wild Dogs are one of the world’s most endangered mammal species. They live and hunt in packs – males stay within a pack whilst females migrate to find and join new packs once sexual maturity is reached. Just like our fingerprints, the markings of African Wild Dogs are unique – no two patterns are the same.
Photos by Daniel Sayialel

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