Guides & Spotters

Only the best!

The safari guides at our Porini Safari Camps are chosen for their high levels of skill and customer service. The Maasai have exceptional tracking skills and no one knows their landscape, habitats and local flora and fauna as well as them. Ever wondered what makes a great safari guide, where they come from and how they are trained?
Find out all about their passion below:

Jackson Sayialel

KPSGA Silver Level

Bird-watchers, you are going to love chatting with Jackson Sayialel and learn about lions from him too!


Ben Munke Tongoyo

KPSGA Silver Level

Ben’s vast knowledge of the flora and fauna on the savannah enhances any safaris he guides.


Bill Simat Kupai

KPSGA Silver Level

Track the “Big Cats” with Bill Simat Kupai at Porini Mara Camp!


Wilson Saningo Pere

KPSGA Silver Level

Wilson Saningo Pere knows the Porini Camps inside and out.


Julius Letuluo

KPSGA Bronze Level


Christopher Letuluo

KPSGA Silver Level


Julius Sairowua

KPSGA Bronze Level


Nelson Keiwua

KPSGA Bronze Level


John Tompoi

KPSGA Bronze Level


Edward Kipetu



James Nginai

KPSGA Bronze Level


Daniel Mamai

KPSGA Silver Level

Enthuse about elephants with seasoned guide Daniel


Jackson Liaram

KPSGA Silver Level

Forget “Jack of All Trades”—Jackson Liaram is a “Master” of all trades when it comes to guiding.


Wilson Kasaine

KPSGA Silver Level

Learn why Wilson Kasaine calls Kenya a “magical place to be!”


Andrew Saruni

KPSGA Silver Level

Looking to photograph your safari? Andrew Saruni’s your guy!


Geoffrey Ketere

KPSGA Bronze Level


George Sankau Letoluo,

KPSGA Bronze Level

Sir David Attenborough
Sir David stayed at Porini Amboseli Camp in Selenkay Conservancy.

“What a marvellous example of how people and wildlife can live alongside one another. Thank you all.”

Jim Coda, June 2022
Mara Camp, Lion Camp

“For any serious wildlife photographer, I don’t think you can do better in Kenya or Tanzania than the Porini Mara and Lion Camps for the big cats.”

Conservation & Responsible Tourism

Protecting Habitats for Biodiversity

Porini Camps has been spearheading Community based Wildlife Conservation for the past 25 years in Kenya. We run a range of conservation activities promoting community development and biodiversity in the areas we operate in, the latest being our biodiversity credit program in cooperation with Harvard University, MA, USA.