10 Reasons to Choose a Porini Camps Safari

With a seemingly endless choice of locations, camps, lodges, transport and activity options, planning a safari can be over-whelming. So to help you make some informed decisions, here are 10 good reasons why you should choose Porini Safari Camps for your next African adventure …

NB  there are many other reasons, such as our consistently high Tripadvisor ratings, our World Travel Awards, our Eco-Warrior Gold Ratings, our competitive prices and our three decades of experience creating safaris that benefit the wildlife, the environment and local communities as well as our guests .. but here are just 10 reasons to start with:
1. Exceptional wildlife-viewing in our private conservancies
Our conservancies are brimming with wildlife year-round. The truly wild animals freely wander in to our reserves, attracted by the tranquil, protected habitat, away from the crowds of visitors and noisy vehicles.
Guests at our Porini Safari Camps are treated to some spectacular sightings in and around our Conservancies, and our safari guides show visitors the varied flora and fauna on daily game-drives and guided walks.
Our visitors capture some wonderful wildlife photos. Guest Matthew Grodzins stayed at our Porini Camps in Amboseli, Ol Pejeta and the Maasai Mara and he has kindly shared these great images.

More of our guests’ photos can be seen on the Safari Diary section of our website.
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2. See various locations in one trip by combining two or more Porini Camps
To really make the most of your time in Kenya you can easily combine stays at two or more of our Porini Camps. Each camp is set within its own wildlife conservancy, surrounded by nature, with opportunities for seeing a broad range of Africa’s iconic animals. But the differing topography and habitat in each area gives a different feel and game-viewing experience.
Porini Amboseli Camp is renowned for its good numbers of elephants, the Mara conservancies have Africa’s highest density of wild lions and Porini Rhino Camp is set within a world-famous rhino sanctuary where visitors can see the World’s last two Northern White Rhino as well as the rest of the Big Five.
The latest addition to our Porini Camps collection is Rhino River Camp which is situated in 80 acres of privately owned wilderness right on the edge of the Meru National Park – a beautiful wilderness which is home to all of the Big Five and much more. Meru is famous as the home to George & Joy Adamson and Elsa the Lioness of the book and film “Born Free”.

Rhino River Camp, Meru

A great combination is our Meru & Mara Safari which stays 3 nights at Rhino River Camp before flying to the Maasai Mara for a further 3 nights at Porini Mara Camp.
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3. Close-Up Wildlife Encounters in our Photography Hide
Guests at Porini Rhino Camp in Ol Pejeta Conservancy have been enjoying the new photography hide which has been carefully placed to enhance wildlife-viewing at the watering hole right in front of camp.
The watering hole offers visitors an opportunity to observe the wild animals that come for a drink – and the hide allows guests to get close (safely!) to the animals which can freely stroll into camp.

Spending time in a hide can, with a little patience, result in some incredible sightings, as our repeat guest Matt Caldwell found during his recent visit.
See some of Matt’s images taken from the hide here: Porini Rhino Camp Photography Hide …
4. Family Tents now at four Porini Camps – ideal for groups
Our Porini Camps in Amboseli (Selenkay Conservancy), Ol Pejeta Conservancy and both of our Maasai Mara camps now feature large Family Tents.
The Family Tents are comprised of two Twin / Double Tents each having its own separate bathroom, with an additional lounge area between them, giving a large private space which is ideal for any family or group travelling together. They are simply priced as two tents, but have the advantage of the extra space.

The Family Tents are proving popular but are subject to availability at the time of booking – so do book early to secure them!
5. Customised Photographic Vehicle for Game Drives
Photography enthusiasts can now embark on a safari in our new specially-equipped photographic vehicle at Porini Lion Camp.
This specially-adapted Landrover has lowered window openings to maximise photography opportunities, and the centre row of seats has been removed allowing increased space for photographers to move to the most advantageous positions.

Our regular guests Olli Teirila and Alison Buttigieg captured this video from the vehicle on their recent safari in the Maasai Mara while visiting the Porini Camps:
Video: Photographic Vehicle at Porini Lion Camp …
6. Guided Walks with Maasai Warriors
Who better to guide you on your African safari than the Maasai people, whose presence has helped shape Kenya’s history for centuries?
Some of our safari guides and spotters descend from generations of Maasai warriors who have made their home on East Africa’s savannah plains near the most important game reserves in Africa.

Walk with them through the vast conservancies and learn the secrets of the savannah without crowds of visitors and noisy vehicles interrupting your journey.
A guided safari walk enables you to get closer to the flora and fauna often missed when in a vehicle. Search for “Africa’s Little 5”, discover how to track the footprints of big cats and their prey. You can even learn how to throw a spear!

7. Breakfast in the Bush
A defining moment of any decent African safari is taking breakfast in the bush – but not all safari lodges and camps can offer this.
Each of the Porini Camps includes this experience. As a Porini guest you will awake at dawn to hot coffee or tea and biscuits served to your tent, then you are off on an action-packed morning of game-viewing while the wildlife is at its most active. Having made the most of the morning’s animal activities, you are treated to a full picnic breakfast out in the bush.
How better to enjoy your breakfast than “Out of Africa” style, immersed in nature and with views of the African plains?

8. Experience an authentic Maasai Village
There is something otherworldly and powerful about visiting the Maasai boma, or village. Perhaps it’s the hearty, cheerful greeting of the children, youths and all the family members in their colourful garb. Perhaps it’s the high-pitched singing of the women or the energetic jumping dance of the lithe young men.
Whatever it is, the visit will be a memory that will stay with you and challenge your perceptions. It’s a definite must-see on your Kenya safari.
From Porini Amboseli Camp Maasai warriors will escort you on a guided walk to their village where you will be welcomed and invited to find out about the Maasai culture, traditions and way of life.

Find out more (video): Bush Walk to Maasai Village …
9. Porini Safari listed in Kenya’s Top 15 Experiences
The Kenya Tourist Board recently pronounced one of our Porini Safaris – the “Paka Kubwa Safari” – as one of the 15 best signature experiences in Kenya.
Paka Kubwa means “Big Cat” in Swahili and this eight day tour offers an excellent chance of seeing the big cats – and much more – by combining Nairobi National Park, Selenkay Conservancy, Amboseli National Park, Ol Pejeta Conservancy and the Maasai Mara National Reserve & Conservancies.

Find out more: Paka Kubwa Safari special offer …
10. Your Visit Will Support Conservation
As a local Kenyan company, we are committed to helping preserve East Africa’s unique wildlife and natural landscapes in close co-operation with local communities.
We believe that the best way to do this is to establish wildlife conservancies to enlarge the area of protected habitat for wildlife and to ensure that this benefits the local communities while giving our guests a rewarding wildlife watching experience.

“What a marvellous example of how people and wildlife can live alongside one another. Thank you all.” Sir David Attenborough at Porini Amboseli Camp

In this short video clip, our Founder, Jake Grieves-Cook, explains the “conservancy concept” that we have championed for more than two decades and which has proved very popular with so many of our regular guests who keep returning to stay at the Porini Camps.
View the video: Protecting Kenya’s Wildlife for the Future …

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