Awards & Accolades

Cutting-edge projects & ground-breaking achievements in community-based wildlife conservation

Porini Camps in the past 30 years have won numerous national and international awards for its high hospitality standards and most prominently for the organization’s ground-breaking achievements and cutting-edge projects in community-based wildlife conservation.
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Sir David Attenborough
Camp Sir Attenborough stayed in

“What a marvellous example of how people and wildlife can live alongside one another. Thank you all.”

Jim Coda, June 2022
Mara Camp, Lion Camp

“For any serious wildlife photographer, I don’t think you can do better in Kenya or Tanzania than the Porini Mara and Lion Camps for the big cats.”

Conservation & Responsible Tourism

Protecting Habitats for Biodiversity

Porini Camps has been spearheading Community based Wildlife Conservation for the past 25 years in Kenya. We run a range of conservation activities promoting community development and biodiversity in the areas we operate in, the latest being our biodiversity credit program in cooperation with Harvard University, MA, USA.