When is the best time to visit Kenya?

Since the birth of the modern safari holiday in the 1920’s, Kenya has been the destination of choice for intrepidexplorers to get a taste of wild Africa and the storybook animals that roam free of cage and bars. On many people’s bucket lists, an African adventure taking in the Maasai Mara takes on a daydream quality. The Safari holiday has changed somewhat since the early days of heading out into the bush with gun and tent in favour of ecotourism evolving from the efficient tourist infrastructure the country has created.
The best time to travel to this wonderful country is dependent on what you want to do, experience, and see. Kenya’s on the equator and it’s considered a year-round destination so you can travel at any time and have a great time on safari. Wildlife viewing is year round with lions, leopards, cheetahs, elephants and all the iconic animals seen year round. The great wildebeest migration, with millions of grazing animals moving from the Serengeti to the Mara, usually starts to arrive in the Mara towards the end of June and leaves by early October. Another smaller migration of wildebeest takes place from the Loita plains through the Mara Conservancies starting in Ol Kinyei in February and March (when calving takes place) and then moving during the following weeks through Naboisho and Olare Motorogi Conservancies towards the Mara Reserve.
The climate varies across the different parts of the country, from the tropical humidity of the coast, the dry heat of the savannah and semi-arid areas, or the cool air of the highlands above 6,000 feet. It tends to be hotter from December to March, coolest in June to October, with rainy periods mainly in April, May and November. The rains tend to fall mainly at night and usually it’s a short and heavy tropical downpour.
If the beaches are your draw, the coast sees its hottest period from December through March, but even though it cools from May onwards, the temperatures are still very pleasant. Mount Kenya remains snow-capped all year, and can still reach as low as -10°C at night.
Flying into Nairobi you have the chance to see the vibrant and colourful nature of the capital before you take your onward journey to your venue. Wherever your holiday is centred you can be assured of a friendly and warm welcome from the people you meet.

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