What is a Safari (“Bucket”) Shower?

This is a common question that we are asked by potential safari travellers – it really isn’t as primitive as it sounds! Let us explain …

Safari / bucket showers are common in mobile or tented camps where there is no permanent plumbing. They are an effective yet environmentally friendly way to shower where water is at a premium and provide plenty of hot water to wash comfortably.
Generally there is an en suite private shower stall within your tent with a “rainfall” style shower head at which you can control the water flow.

Above: Porini Camp Guest Tent Private (En Suite) Facilities
Outside the tent there is a large waterproof bag or bucket which is filled with about 10 to 15 litres (5 US gallons) of hot water before being raised with a pully / rope system to either connect to the shower pipe or fill a cistern. The water is delivered at the ideal temperature so it is best to use it as soon as it arrives.
Staff typically fill the showers at a pre-arranged time of day, or you simply need to give them a few minutes’ notice so they can get it ready.
This video shows how it works:


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