National Geographic’s “Jade Eyed Leopard” filmed in the Mara Conservancies

Our past guests of Porini Lion Camp (Maasai Mara, Kenya) will be delighted to see “Fig” and “Furaha”, two of our resident leopards, featured in National Geographic’s documentary “Jade Eyed Leopard”.

Fig was born next to Porini Lion Camp in November 2011 to mother “Acacia”. At 9 years of age she is now in her prime and is very strong. She patrols within her territory – which includes the Olare Motorogi and Naboisho Conservancies – and she is frequently seen on daily game drives from Porini Lion Camp.
Her surviving cubs are “Olare” (male, born in 2015); “Figlet” (female, born in 2017) and “Furaha” (female, born in November 2018).  The documentary refers to Furaha as “Toto”, meaning cub in Swahili.
As expected, Furaha left her mother last year and has moved into her own territory nearby where she is also regularly seen by Porini safari guides and guests.
These videos were filmed within 200 metres of Porini Lion Camp, showing that Fig is comfortable here and sees our camp area as a safe place.
Fig lost a litter early in 2020 due to flooding after torrential rains, but she now has another litter that she is successfully rearing.
POSTSCRIPT: Update  7 March 2022: very sad news from Olare Motorogi Conservancy – we are all deeply saddened to report that our much-loved Fig, one of the most iconic of the big cats in the Olare Motorogi Conservancy was killed by lions on Saturday 5th March. She was aged ten and over recent years had become a favourite with so many visitors to Olare Motorogi Conservancy as well as being loved by all connected with Porini Lion Camp and the conservancy.
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