Maasai Walk & Village Visit, Selenkay Conservancy

Kristy Thompson,  our Gamewatchers Safaris consultant based in Australia, describes her recent visit to a Maasai village while she was staying in Selenkay Conservancy:
We were invited to visit the local Maasai village in Selenkay – also the home of many of the camp staff and their families, who directly benefit from the conservation lease agreement with Gamewatchers Safaris & Porini Camps.
We were guided by the Maasai Warriors who wore the traditional dress, to the village where we were welcomed by the woman and children as well as the elders with a song which I could listen to for hours.


We experienced this traditional culture in its purity, how they build their houses, milk the goats and care for their livestock. What was the most fun was interacting with the villagers and specially the children who seemed to enjoy seeing themselves in the pictures we were taking home of our visit!

A highlight for many of us was also meeting the very clever ladies who had made some of the items we had purchased at the camp hut – the women could recognise their own beading work which made for a very personalised experience.

Kristy stayed at Selenkay Adventure Camp for 3 nights in February 2019.
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Details of our projects supporting the Maasai community to which our guests can contribute donations are listed here:

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