Our Community Projects: supporting schools and improving conditions for the children in communities living around the Wildlife Conservancies

Here at Gamewatchers Safaris & Porini Camps we support a number of outreach projects to aid the local communities living around some of the wildlife conservancies in which the Porini Safari Camps are based.

How supporting communities saves wildlife

Kenya’s wildlife conservancies are crucial in expanding the area of protected wildlife habitat in dispersal areas beyond the National Parks and thereby increasing wildlife numbers, species variety and bio-diversity by providing more space where the wild animals can live in safety. The local communities own the land and earn an income through setting aside areas for wildlife, so the future of the conservancies and Kenya’s wildlife directly relies on the communities seeing tangible benefits from eco-tourism that outweigh the returns that would otherwise be generated from alternative uses of the land, e.g. farming, ranching, charcoal burning, sand harvesting, real estate developments etc.
In addition to providing a steady income from the land leases and from job opportunities in the camps and conservancies, we also raise funds to improve the lives of the local communities in the three key areas of Conservation, Water & Education. Ongoing projects include supplying fresh water to villages, strengthening anti-predator livestock enclosures,  supporting  employment of wildlife rangers, fund-raising for schools and sponsorship of community members through Safari Guide training. Click here to read more about our Community Outreach Projects.

Funding for schools

Many families in our communities struggle to meet the ongoing costs of school fees, books, uniforms and school activities. These hardships often result in under-educated youth with poor job prospects and no obvious route out of poverty.
Gamewatchers Safaris raises funds to support families at various schools in poorer areas, alleviating some of the financial burden of education. (Click here to find out more about the Ol Kinyei Bursary Fund and how you can help).
In September 2016 we once again assisted families living around Ol Kinyei Conservancy by paying school fees for many of the children attending schools in the area.

Senior Warden Simon Nkoitoi presents cheques for Ol Kinyei community pupils at Oloibormurt Primary School to the Headmaster.

Our Operations Director Johnny Weller presents cheques to the Head Teacher at Reto Kamili School

Daniel Njaga presents cheques to pupils of Tumaini School
Daniel Njaga, Corporate Affairs Manager of Gamewatchers Safaris presents cheques to pupils of Tumaini School


School Desks Required !

Our latest venture is to provide school desks to Kishermoruak Primary School which is located near the Ol Kinyei Conservancy in the Maasai Mara.
Many classrooms are under-furnished and pupils are hindered in their progress with reading and writing simply as they are sitting on the floor to take their lessons or are sharing over-crowded desks.
In the developed world people take it for granted that schools will have desks but sadly for some children this is still an everyday obstacle in developing countries like Kenya.
We have previously assisted in providing desks at a primary school near the Selenkay Conservancy where we have our Porini Amboseli Camp and we are now appealing for funds in order to supply desks to the Kishermoruak Primary School near Ol Kinyei Conservancy.
The solid wood long-lasting desks are locally produced and each cost around US $ 30. We are hoping to raise funds for a total of 50 desks to ensure that all pupils can benefit.

kenya school charity project
Our Managing Director, Jake Grieves-Cook, with a previous delivery of school desks to a school near Selenkay Conservancy


Can you sponsor a desk or two?

If you would like to support this project to improve the conditions for these young school children then you can contribute $30 to buy a desk, making payment by Visa card to our secure online credit card payment site. If you email us to advise how much you would like to contribute at $30 per desk then we will send you a link for you to pay by credit card. As our contribution we will bear the credit card charges. The total amount contributed will then be used to buy and deliver the desks to the school. We will list the names of all contributors in a posting on our Facebook page and on  our website blog together with photos of the desks being delivered to the school.  Please contact us by sending an email to info@porini.com with the following details:
Name of contributor………………………………
Number of desks you wish to pay for @ US$30 per desk ………………
Total contribution…………………
Thank you for your support and any contribution that you wish to make will mean a lot for the pupils of Kishermoruak Primary School.

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